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Women’s Equality Party

On Friday 10th November, we set our ‘Out Of Office’ to show our support for all women who are no longer being paid to work.


The current gender pay gap means women are still paid on average, 18.4% less than men.


The 10th November was the last day that they were effectively being paid for the rest of the year.


So, what would happen if women stopped doing their jobs? To raise awareness for #EqualPayDay, we asked everyone to be Out Of Office as a sign of solidarity. They didn’t actually have to go out of the office, but it was a symbol to show their support.


The message below is what people copied and pasted, showing something as simple as your out of office can be a channel to make a difference. The campaign was covered by the Metro, Evening Standard, Glamour and on the BBC.


SUBJECT LINE: Out of Office. For the rest of the year.

Not really. I’m just making a point.

Today is effectively the last day women in the UK are paid to work. Because of the gender pay gap, the average woman is working for free until the end of the year.

So, if women aren’t getting paid, why should they work?

That’s why I’ve switched on my Out Of Office.

This is to raise awareness of the pay gap, which on average is 18.4% but for some women, it’s even worse. For example, the average for Black African Women is 24%.

If like me and the Women’s Equality Party, you think it’s time something changed, you can join in by copying this message and switching on your Out of Office too.

This Equal Pay Day, it’s time to get rid of the pay gap.

#OutOfOffice @WEP_UK


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(does anyone even have Myspace?)