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Marching over the Horizon

Written by Sasha Batchelor, Work Experience Student at Now. When reviewing the selection of work from the Cannes 2018 Ad Festival there was one advert that stood out to me: ‘Price on our lives,’ an advert about the March for Our Lives demonstrations, a student-led movement aimed at lobbying politicians to enact greater control legislation…
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A lack of constraint damages creativity

Written by Flora Joll, Senior Strategist. I do not mean to suggest by this that more constraints encourage better creative work as a rule of thumb. Whether you are an Adam Morgan fan or not, the concept of strategic constraints is generally accepted to help focus thinking and ultimately liberate ideas. The clearest – and…
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Sparking Creativity

Written by Mathew, Work Experience Student. Recently while browsing YouTube, I came across two series, Against the Clock and The Crate. Both of these challenge artists to create a song in a different way. Against the Clock give their artists only twenty minutes to create a beat. The results are of various levels of success,…
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Thank You Trump

By Amelia Wood, Senior Strategist, Now. Friday 13th July. The day Trump was coming to town. Marches were planned across the country. Everyone had something to say. And what do you do when you want that thing to be heard? You get creative. Hundreds of thousands of people armoured themselves with witty slogans, snappy hashtags…
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Thinking Outside The Box

By Siddiq Islam, Work Experience student at Now At school, we are told how to think and what to think and where to focus our thinking. Tasks we’re given in class are often formulaic or tedious, simply because we are given a set way of carrying them out. Whether we’re instructed to solve a particular…
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Written by Sam Vine, Account Director. Recently a lot has been written about Neurodiversity in the world of advertising, and in particular, the benefits that these differences can bring to an agency. The label ‘Neurodiverse’ covers a spectrum of neurological differences from Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Dyscalculia, to Autism, Tourette Syndrome, and others….
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