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Webby Awards Runner-Up 2017

John Townshend, Chairman of Now, and Jani Guest, MD, Independent Films, co-created Kidspiration.
Kidspiration is an online TV channel in which kids get to interview a huge range of successful people – from a firefighter to an art restorer. The interviewees include Peter Gabriel, Sir Ken Robinson and Jimmy Wales.
The brand’s aim is to re-define for young people what ‘achievement’ really means. It seeks to engage, empower and inform a new generation through programming that allows their natural curiosity to lead the way.
Funded and produced by Independent Films, the series runs in digital channels and social media. Other interviewees include neurosurgeon Henry Marsh, conservationist Jane Goodall, Economist editor Zanny Minton Beddoes, ‘Tom Gates’ author Liz Pichon, architect Piers Gough and US Ambassador Matthew Barzun.